Sunday, April 17, 2005


I have a lot of things in my head and I've given up making it all into something coherent.

Domesticity: I've been single parenting this weekend. Which means I've become slothful. Mr. Geeky definitely takes on 50% of the work and when he's gone, instead of ramping up to 75 or 100%, I stick with my 50%. So this weekend, I managed to get a good deal of the laundry done, though it's likely we'll end up in our usual mode of digging through baskets and the dryer. Even though the kids spent most of yesterday at a friend's house and generally running around the neighborhood, I used my time to catch up on blog reading and relax on the couch. There are all kinds of projects around the house I'd like to tackle, but that would require 110%. I did manage some time in the garden, such as it is.

Money: Filed the taxes. Will be paying them for long time to come. I managed to pay property taxes outright. My hope is that with my revamping of my W4 (the reason I had too much to pay in the first place), the taxes will be paid off by this time next year.

I note with sadness and anger the passing of the new bankruptcy bill. Though I don't think we're on the verge of bankruptcy, I could certainly see something drastic happening to put us in that boat. One lost job, one medical emergency and there ya go.

Writing: I haven't written for more than a week. I haven't even really written a good blog post. When things are hectic at work either for good or bad, I find I don't have the emotional energy to write.

Exercise: Ditto. Work has sucked up all my energy. I think I managed one walk this week.

Work: Though I'm feeling better about work, I've set some goals for myself that are going take up time and energy. I'm also feeling better about the new addition to our office. I think the dynamics will work out okay. I note, however, that I am the only woman in the office now and much as I hate to admit it, it makes a difference.

Soccer Mom to Lacrosse Mom: Geeky Boy is playing lacrosse this year and it's much more extensive than last year. We've shelled out lots of money--about $150 so far. They're asking for more--ugh. Plus the time--one practice during the week, 2 games on the weekend. Today we're travelling over an hour to a game. I like that Geeky Boy is involved in sports, but sometimes it's hard to keep up with. I mean I'm giving up a much-needed haircut to cart him around this weekend. :)