Monday, April 04, 2005

Poem of the Day: Mary Wroth

[Come darkest Night, becomming sorrow best]

Come darkest Night, becomming sorrow best,
Light leave thy light, fit for a lightsome soule:
Darknesse doth truly sute with me opprest,
Whom absence power doth from mirth controule.

The very trees with hanging heads condole
Sweet Summers parting, and of leaves distrest,
In dying colours make a grief-full role;
So much (alas) to sorrow are they prest.

Thus of dead leaves, her farewell carpets made,
Their fall, their branches, all their mournings prove,
With leavelesse naked bodies, whose hues vade
From hopefull greene to wither in their love.

If trees, and leaves for absence mourners be,
No marvell that I grieve, who like want see.

(My once, not future, dissertation topic.)