Sunday, April 24, 2005


Because that's easier to write about than being fat or promoting science to the public (but those are coming, really!) and because jo(e) asked. Laundry is coming along nicely. Bills are paid (including real estate taxes!).

We made a trip shopping yesterday, mostly to get Mr. Geeky some clothes and shoes. We went to a mall nearby, slipped into all the stores that had men's clothing and were disappointed. We saw a few things we liked, but a lot of stuff was way too expensive or just a little too "out there" for Mr. Geeky. He's Geeky, not particularly stylish or unstylish, prefers not to stand out. The Queer Eye guys would not be horrified by him, but he would also not be their model. We ended up with a pair of good-looking, kind of funky shoes for him and then headed off to Target. (Please tell me Target is better than Wal-Mart, cause I love it.)

We split up and I picked out some workout clothes (yay!). I also tried to ignore a woman who was yelling at her kid.

So my new pajamas. This past winter, I reinvigorated my pajama collection which had made a turn for the old lady category thanks to some gifts from my inlaws (they mean well). Now, I don't do sexy lingerie (I got over that in my late 20s); I want to be comfortable, but not to the complete detriment of style. So I got some mix and match sets--pants, tops, boxers--at Target. I would say, sexy in a cute way. They're fitted and don't try to hide much of anything. So my winter nightwear is looking up.

Summer nightwear is another story. Basically, it's been a collection of ratty t-shirts, most of which I hate. There are two, however, that I will never give up no matter how ratty they get. One is a Steve Dallas shirt that I bought my sophomore year in college (which means it's almost 20 years old) and another from shortly thereafter from a Bob Dylan concert (1988, I believe), a concert I went to for the opening act, The Alarm (iirc). So, I was starting to look dumpy.

I spotted at Target a quite nice collection of jammies with lightweight cropped sweatpants and fitted very soft t-shirts. The t-shirts were almost as soft as my well-worn beloved Bob Dylan and Steve Dallas shirts. I got a denim blue set, the pants slightly darker than the shirt and they are so comfy. I wanted to buy more, but I restrained myself and noted that Mother's Day is around the corner and perhaps the spouse and children can be convinced to return and purchase some in different colors.

There's just something nice about padding around the house in a pair of pajamas that is comfortable and shows off your figure. Oddly, I feel like I can take on the world in a good pair of pajamas much more than if I'm in a business suit.