Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blog meme

Seen at brina's

blog meme

Of the blogs you read/have on your blogroll...

Who do you know in real life & how?
Tim Burke--teaches at a nearby school; has worked with Mr. Geeky; officially met him at a party at his house.
librarygrrrrl--works at same college as Tim; officially met her through the a reading group
Think Thunk/Perpetual Off Night--same as librarygrrrrrl, but met him at some Blackboard meetings when I first started working at my institution
Atrios of Eschaton--used to work at my institution and talked to him on the phone in that capacity, just met him for the first time a couple of months ago through mutual friends.
One of the Unfogged guys--to protect his identity, I won't say how I know him.

What five blogs do you usually not go a day without checking?
Honestly, pretty much everything in the Academic list. But if I have to pick five . . .
Profgrrrrl, Cul de Sac, Bitch, Ph.D., Pharyngula, Scrivener, Pilgrim/Heretic, jo(e), Phantom Scribbler

I couldn't do it--really, I feel deprived if I haven't checked on every single one. I read brina and Rana every day, oh heck--really the whole academic blogroll.

What five blogs send the most traffic your way?
bitch, ph.d, learning curves, angrypregnantlawyer, scrivenings, Just Tenured

What are your top five keyword searches this week?
cute stories, definition of mom, geeky, geeky photo room, heaney mid term