Thursday, March 31, 2005

Whirlwind Wednesday

Yesterday was insane--a good kind of insane, but insane. I am in the process of scheduling 21 interviews with students (they begin today), so I had a few callbacks and e-mails to make for that. I'm also trying to coordinate faculty schedules for the same program. I met with a resources person and helped them put up their new newsletter.

Then began the back-to-back meetings:

12:00-1:00--discuss fall course and blogging workshop this Friday
1:00-2:00--conference call for technology and writing grant
2:00-3:00--curriculum support meeting
3:00-3:30--work with dining services staff to create video clips

I had no brain left after that. All the meetings were very productive. I spent the rest of the day reading e-mail and--finally--posting a note about the Supreme Court hearing the MGM vs. Grokster case. Shew.

I like days that have a lot going on, but I'm so spent--physically and emotionally--afterwards. It looks like today will be similar.