Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wearing jeans to work

It's official. I've decided. I'm wearing jeans to work today. It's spring break. There's no one around and it will make me feel better to be dressed casually. I was telling Mr. Geeky yesterday that I should quit caring about the weird administrative stuff swirling around that doesn't really affect me and just do my job. It's hard when you care about the direction of your department. But in the end, I have very little effect on that direction and they have very little effect on what I do. So starting today, I don't care unless it really causes me grief.

There are fun things to be done: a new podcast, a paper to write, a project agenda, summer program planning. I need to work on those today.

On the home front, I need to do some more writing--and I have lots of reading to do. I have a screenplay to read by Sunday. Two more books are arriving and they need to be read by the end of the month. I've been doing serious writing about twice a week. I need to take a weekend day. I could have written last night, but I got so interested in reading blogs and then I read a book before going to bed and even though the pad and pen were right next to the bed, I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I did, however, write my senators and congressman about Social Security. You can't tell from my blog, but I'm actually kind of obsessed by this issue. Unfortunately, I'm also frozen in fear over the whole thing. Not a good state. I feel like whatever I do, someone else is going to decide for me and I'll just have to live with the decision. Kind of like working for a big corporation, hmmm.

Do people protest anymore or does the news just not cover it anymore? I guess there's nothing specific to protest yet on the SS front. When there is, can we protest? I live close to DC. I'll bring some pickets or some pitchforks, whatever we need.