Friday, March 11, 2005


As regular readers know, I somewhat obsessed with my financial situation. I'm really making a concerted effort to cut spending and reduce my credit card debt. So I'm checking my most recent Citibank statement and notice this Credit Protector program fee. I think I signed up for this program just before or just after we moved to Pennsylvania, when my employment status was unsure and all that. Well now that I'm trying to pay off the credit cards, I don't need a $30 monthly fee to show up, making it that much harder to pay off the whole debt. So I call Citibank to cancel and before they transfer me, they try to sign me up for another program!!!

I literally sat on my phone with my mouth open. If you don't think that credit card companies are predatory, think again. Here I am, someone who has for the most part made all my payments, but carried a balance. I am a credit card company's wet dream. These people suck. And while it's my own fault that I got in this situation in the first place, I don't think they should make it harder for me to get out of it. I'm fuming!