Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

Just another day. I was so behind on the blog reading. Still haven't caught up with the political blogs completely--they write sooo much! I'm planning on tricking myself today and showering and putting on my workout clothes. That way, I won't be thinking, "Well, it's too much of a pain to work out because I'd have to change clothes." How smart am I?

Working out, aka walking, will not take place until after lunch. I'm not even showered yet and I'm following Lisa's plan to cook and freeze stuff today. I'll let you know how the whole thing works out. I'm thinking I need to have a destination walk today--maybe to the library, with a stop by the convenience store on the way home for eggs. I used all the eggs in Mr. Geeky's birthday cake last night.

I have not been walking since my fall down the stairs about a month ago. The fallout from that has been interesting. I have tingling/pain in my left leg which I think is a result of that. I go to a real doctor this week to find out. But since walking doesn't seem to aggravate the problem, I figure it might actually be good for me. Sad thing is, the weather is supposed to turn bad this week, so today might be my only opportunity to walk. I have other exercise plans when the weather is bad. I am so ready for spring.

On the kid front, things are quiet. Geeky boy spent the night out last night and Geeky girl slept in until 10. We watched Spongebob last night. Pretty cute, and yes, Scrivener, the soundtrack seems good, although you don't hear any of it until the credits.

Perhaps I should go shower and start my day now. . .