Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Snow day

I'm home for the day with Geeky Boy who's had some kind of virus/stomach bug/upper respitory thing since Sunday. School is delayed 2 hours for Geeky Girl. Mr Geeky stayed home yesterday, though I came home early because of the snow.

I'm looking forward to this actually. I'm going to catch up on some housework, do a run-through of my blog presentation (which I will post, I promise), and probably do some writing. We might even build a snowman if Geeky Boy is feeling better this afternoon. There's absolutely nothing scheduled at work today, so I don't feel bad missing. Spring break begins next week, so things are slowing down. By Thursday, campus will be dead.

I look forward to quiet times on campus. No phone calls, very little e-mail, a lot of time to work on projects. Soon I'll be hiring summer students and planning for our summer multimedia program. That is always a bit harried. We usually have our hiring done and our projects selected by early April and then, of course, comes the end-of-semester craziness. Even though we don't usually get as busy as the faculty and students, you can feel the tension. Being right next to the computer lab where all those papers and senior theses and final projects are being composed, we are affected by all that stress. It just takes over the whole building.

So spring break is the calm before the storm and a snow day is a good way to start that off.