Thursday, March 10, 2005

Price differentials

I think part of all my stress over money stems from the adjustments I'm still making to the increased cost of living here. Here are just a few examples, from the mundane to the grand:

Average home price
Former red state: 157,350
Current blue state: 273,246 (in the neighborhood we first lived in, it was 800,000)

Former red state: $345
Current blue state: $810 (it was $950 for Geeky girl as an infant when we first arrived; the costs are coming down a little)

Hair care
Former red state: $25-30 (at a decent salon)
Current blue state: $50-60 (at a similar type salon)

Gas prices
Former red state: $1.40/gallon
Current blue state: $2.00/gallon
(part of an overall trend in gas prices)

In all other indexes--groceries, other housing costs (utilities, etc), our new area costs more. For two years, our salaries were the same. Untill I started working, we basically took a salary cut to move here. I think I'm still reeling from that.