Monday, March 21, 2005

On vacation, but still working

I'm taking vacation this week since the kids are and Mr. Geeky is in California for a conference. I'm planning to accomplish a lot anyway. Here's today's plans:

-deal with finances--pay bills, take taxes to accountant (found $400 in savings and didn't even charge me; go h&r block!), get cashier's check for property taxes
-finish laundry--Mr. Geeky did all the laundry before he left, but it needs to be put away (making significant progress)
-work on the book
-possibly work on another blog presentation (blogging and science)--the Schiavo case should offer quite a bit of fodder for that
-e-mail some faculty about smart classroom issues--I know this is technically work, but I didn't get it done last week and it's something I really want to do.

Tomorrow we have plans to go to the art museum and/or the science museum. I hope my list here will keep me honest.