Tuesday, March 22, 2005


So I finally bought some music. I actually ended up not going with any of the suggestions. Somehow, I ended up on a search by clicking through recommendations based on everyone else's recommendations. It was quite a journey. I ended up with Rufus Wainwright's Wait Two. I almost bought a Lucinda Williams album and a Magnetic Fields one (really liked the 69 love songs). I had a free song from a Pepsi cap, so I also downloaded Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams which I had heard on the radio (WXPN, the greatest station ever) the other day.

I have also finally managed to download the 750 songs from sxsw. It took me three days! Yousa! Either I was doing something wrong or it just takes that long to download a 2 gig file. I haven't unzipped the files because the kids are asleep in my room--where the iMac is. In addition, I downloaded the free Wilco stuff.

More music than you can shake a stick at!

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