Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mommy blogging

Over at Unfogged, there's a great post about Mommy Blogs. And even greater are the comments, in which Bitch, Ph.D is, of course, heavily participating. In fact, I can't believe I got to post this before her.

I think ogged is right, by the way. Just think of all the news coverage dooce is getting and that whole NY Times article on mommy blogs. They probably got reamed for that.

I may not like all the mommy/parent blogs I have run into, but I have quite a few on my blogroll and quite a few people in other categories who are parents and blog about it quite a bit.

It's funny because when I see myself on other people's blogrolls, I get categorized all kinds of different ways--parent, geek, writer, techie, academic. I like that, actually. We all play different roles and different people appreciate our different roles. Someone my read my blog for the parenting stuff, someone else may read it for the geeky stuff (rare though it may be), others for something else. Heck, that's why I started the thing, to write about whatever crossed my mind--and sometimes that's my kids.