Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Good Karma

Well writing two posts about my job anxiety (one of which was eaten of course) must have worked out some karma because I had an excellent day today. I got a lot accomplished, including insisting a somewhat technophobic faculty member do her own work (nicely, of course and with plenty of instructions) and she did! and I was actually proud of her. It was like it was my own kid. The best part was, it was much less work for me this way. So cool.

Then, I got invited to give a talk at another University nearby. Yippee! Not only am I excited for my own professional growth, but I love connecting with the surrounding schools. We can share great ideas and it's great to be able to say, well, Big U down the street does it this way. Now, I have to live up to my reputation. Oh, and did I mention that this little nugget came through my professional blog. Yeah, I'm a little too tickled for my own good. What can I say?

Blogger, on the other hand, is experiencing bad karma. I had to wait about half an hour to post this. And there was yesterday with the eating of the post and as jo(e) said in her comment below, comments are amazingly slow. I'm so tempted to transfer this whole thing over to typepad. I kind of like it here though. What do you all think?