Saturday, March 05, 2005

Blog party!

Apparently, there was a party here last night. If you haven't read the 106 or so comments on the previous post, you really should. jo(e) and Scrivener have written a long poem about sleeping and dreaming and words. It's really fun and actually quite touching. And then jimbo--father figure that he is--runs them off to bed (or to another party?)

And Ianqui, don't worry, I didn't out anyone. :) I actually showed Sharon's blog (Early Modern Notes) and talked about PZ Meyers blog. I did show my bloglines account and I have the folder for Academic blogs and it was showing 43 new posts. They said "43 academic blogs?" I said, "Actually, there's more than that, that's just the ones that have been recently updated." It was truly funny, like being told the world was round after all.

I have lots to say about the talent show but I'm going to save it until later when I have the video. It was way cute, though.