Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Birthday greetings

Today was quite a good day--as it should be, of course! I did not get to goof off today, but it was very productive. My colleagues took me out to lunch for Indian food. I love Indian food! For dinner, my family took me to the Japanese steak house near our house. It was also really good! I am so full right now.

I also got a nice bouquet of flowers from my dad--sunflowers, daylilies and yellow daisies. Spring is in my house!

Food fun continues tomorrow as our campus restaurant is having a special Irish meal. Two of my colleagues, including my boss, are from Ireland. I'm looking forward to it. I used to go to this great pub/restaurant in Bloomington, IN called the Irish Lion. I loved that place. This meal will be very close to that--without the Guiness, unfortunately.

Next week, I'm taking a vacation to hang out with my kids--much needed! It will be good to be recharged and ready to go.

Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings! There are so many of us with March birthdays. Maybe next year, we should have a big party.