Sunday, March 13, 2005

A beautiful Sunday

It is a gorgeous day outside, but cold. I'm ready for the days when it's this bright and sunny and 60 degrees. Heck, this Southern girl actually likes 80 or 90 degrees. Bring on the heat and humidity I say.

I stayed up really late last night reading The Amateur Marriage. It's really a great book so far. I read about 200 pages of it last night. If it were a bit warmer outside, I might go sit out on the deck and read. As it is, I'm contemplating a warm bath instead.

I also read an entire screenplay yesterday in preparation for my writing group meeting today--at my house! And I manged a bit of writing. I'm hoping to do some more today--mostly revising I think.

There will likely be politics later today since I will watch George and Howard (Kurtz) and read the NY Times and I caught up with the political blogs. I'm still finding it all depressing. Maybe I should just start signing over my paycheck to the administration, just forget the charade of taxes and credit cards. Sigh.