Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Art Museum Fun

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We made our way through lots of rain to the museum. I took the long way because I've never taken the short cut from our house and didn't want to risk getting lost in the rain without a good navigator.

The museum was rather crowded even at 10:00 a.m. because schools are out for spring break and there were a few not on spring break who were visiting (lots of buses). Unfortunately, the Dali exhibit was sold out. I hadn't even thought of that. But we paid our $10 to go to all the regular exhibits. We hadn't been in a while so it was fun.

Note to self: Medieval art is not always child appropriate. There are only so many paintings of Jesus on the cross that a 9 and 5 year old can look at before they're grossed out and/or scarred for life. And of course, I made it so much better by explaining that entertainment for children in those days would have been live executions. And we talk about violence on tv--ha! Also, armor is out for the 5 year old. She thinks there's people in there. I only got her to calm down by having her recall the Simpson episode where Homer jousts with King Philip. If anyone overheard us . . .

19th century European art, very good for the children, relatively tame, although every time we saw a nude, Geeky girl yelled out, "Let's go look at the naked people!" Shew. I put Geeky Boy in charge of the camera and he was mainly taken with contemporary art. He also liked the Renoirs and the Pennsylvania furniture section, but those pictures didn't turn out.

We covered a lot of ground. Geeky Boy wanted to do Japanese and Chinese art and I wanted to do American art, so we did both of those fairly quickly. Geeky Girl especially liked the Japanese tea house. It would be fun to go when they have a tea master. We didn't get any pictures of that though. We went into one room of contemporary art where Geeky Boy took a picture of nearly every piece in the room. He thought it was really cool. I'm thinking a trip to the Tate Modern is in order.

Finally, we ended in Persian and Indian art, by which point, we were all exhausted. We have plans to go back in a few weeks for the Dali exhibit. We might make another trip to the science museum once Mr. Geeky returns. That would round out our cultural experiences quite nicely.