Monday, February 21, 2005

What my kids do when I ignore them

I took the day off work today since the kids were off for president's day. We had a pretty lazy weekend. I wasn't feeling 100%. It was like the flu without all the full-blown symptoms. So I felt crappy without any real reason to. It was odd.

So there was a lot of sitting around, trying not to feel crappy. While I was doing that and Mr. Geeky was programming robots, the kids entertained themselves.

Geeky Boy went to a friend's house (dribbling star) on Saturday. He went to another friend's house on Sunday and then used his allowance money to buy some new video games. We never saw him again after that. He did take breaks to eat and to play a game of chess with his father.

Geeky Girl set up a book fair, using the many, many books we have around the house. She also created a couple of her own books. When I asked her if she wrote them, she said, "No, Geeky Girl did." "Ohhhh," I said. After the book fair, she turned her crayons (used to create the books) into people. These crayons/people ride in the bus/crayon box to school. Some of the crayons/parents go to work or run errands. This all takes place on the floor just behind Mr. Geeky's office chair. She's currently doing this. She did this for hours on Saturday and Sunday. She did a little bit of video game playing with Geeky Boy, but essentially, she's been playing this crayon thing for three days! With no signs of boredom. I'm truly amazed by this. I also don't know why we bother with buying toys when a $2 box of 24 crayons provides this many hours of entertainment.