Wednesday, February 02, 2005

To Write or Not to Write

Well, here I am again, feeling too tired to write. I might still do it, but as of right now, I'm thinking I'm going to get up in the morning and do it. I was thinking about this yesterday. If I just got up 1/2 hour early, I'd have an hour before everyone else rouses to get some writing done. Though I'm not a morning person (see previous post), I do okay if it's calm and I'm alone with my coffee and a glowing screen. Some nights I have plenty of energy, but lately . . . hard days at work and tonight I had to make a grocery store trip. Ugh. Anything extra tends to put me over the edge.

I've been off the exercise kick since I fell down the stairs (butt is still a little sore), but I'm more likely to exercise at night than to write at night. I feel energized by exercise. Writing wears me down. You'd think that just the opposite would be true, but not so.

I have always tried to assess my body's natural rhythms and work accordingly, but sometimes I also think it's just hard. The writing is especially hard. I want to do; I don't want to do it. And there's no external motivation. It all has to be me. I have some very supportive friends who are helping me along, but it's still hard.

I think I need to declare a whole day off the way profgrrrrl did. I have a tendancy, when the weekend comes, to fill the time with things I have to do that are kind of like work. Perhaps I'll declare Sundays a day of rest.