Thursday, February 24, 2005

Snow, glorious snow!

Well, the snow came and school was cancelled and I've spent the day lazing around. I think I still have the kid's attitude toward snow--snow day! No work! No school! Hooray! Plus Mr. Geeky is out of town so the routine is thrown off completely.

Before the snow hit, I went to the doctor about a weird leg thing I've been having. This weekend, my left leg started tingling, like it had gone to sleep. It kept me awake. It did this all weekend and eventually turned into a burning sensation, mostly in my calf. So I called the doctor on Wednesday and even though it feels better, less intense and more isolated, it's definitely still there. The doctor has no idea what it might be, so she's sending me to a neurologist. I go in a week and a half. By then, the pain/sensation will probably be gone, but still . . .

We've also inherited another kid for the afternoon, which is fine because usually they inherit my kid.