Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sharing cute stories

David invites us to share our cute stories about our kids. I'm all for that, and for those of you with pets instead of kids (those are the ones I can think of), I like hearing those stories too (I miss my pets).

Here's mine--and it's just a peek of what I'm missing by working:

I went to Geeky Girl's play on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Geeky Girl and 2 other girls played the part of Mama Bear. Geeky Girl was excited because she had the most lines. All the kids had on their bear ears, except for the kids playing Golidlocks, who had on long blond hair. They were very cute. Afterwards, the Mama Bears all served Teddy Grahams (yeah, yeah, I know. sexist division of labor).

After the play, I met with the teacher, who gave me a glowing report while Geeky Girl cleaned up the whole room.

As I was watching the play, and driving home, I was thinking how excited Geeky Girl was to see me there. It really just made her day. I had almost not gone to the play. It was a five-minute play. Was it worth it to drive the 15-20 minutes from work? You bet.