Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Morning Rush

Call me selfish, but I really don't like getting the kids off to school in the morning. Somehow, I am the one responsible for getting everyone going, including Mr. Geeky. I've grown to resent it. None of us are morning people, so you can imagine what a daunting task this is. I much prefer to ease into my morning, lingering over the online news sites with a cup of coffee and a bagel. So here's how the morning goes:

7:00--I get up, make coffee and a bagel or toast. I read blogs, write a post if there's time.
7:30--I wake up the kids, who stumble out of bed and down the stairs. They make their own breakfast. I get in the shower.
7:45--I get out of the shower, get dressed and wake up Mr. Geeky. I go downstairs for a second cup of coffee, warn the kids that they need to get dressed.
8:00--I attempt to read some more news or blogs, but it's just too crazy. I'm constantly asking various people if they're dress, if they've brushed their teeth, gotten their shoes on, have all their homework--about every minute.
8:15--Geeky Boy goes out to the bus stop (right in front of our house). I make lunch for Geeky Girl (my least favorite task).
8:30--The three remaining Geekys leave arriving at Geeky Girls before school enrichment program around 8:45.
9:00--Arrive at work. Feel very relieved until I check my e-mail.

Often during this entire process, Mr. Geeky shouts out things (to me, not the kids) like "Does Geeky Boy have his homework?" or "Shouldn't those kids be getting dressed?" Sometimes from the comfort of the bed. In my less bitchy moments, I think this is his way of being helpful, of trying to help curtail the chaos. Those moments are rare since I'm not a morning person and if I'm going to be bitchy, it's probably going to be in the morning. He actually does quite well when he's on his own in the morning, so I know he's capable.

How would I prefer this to go? I'd prefer for everyone to wake themselves up--by alarm clock, magic, whatever. I'd like to have the confidence to know that the kids don't need to be reminded about all their little hygenic tasks and I can just tend to mine. I think this would make the morning more pleasant. I'd also like it if Mr. Geeky got up shortly after me. Maybe we could have coffee together, even if we don't have a conversation, but just sat and drank coffee and read the news. Or maybe he could help the kids with breakfast--some kind of more physical presence. This is not likely to happen. Neither of us like to get up in the morning. Heck if the noise of everyone running around in the morning didn't bother me so much, I'd probably stay in bed, too.

It might also be nice if school started later. This whole routine is just going to get earlier and earlier as the kids get older. That, I'm not looking forward to.