Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday misery

Well, let's see--the Eagles lost--not that I'm that depressed about that, but still. Mr. Geeky became sick during third quarter. Geeky Boy came home from his friend's house (Super Bowl party of his own) sick. Geeky Girl woke up in the middle of the night sick. Mr. Geeky and Geeky Boy stayed home. Geeky Girl seemed fine.

At work, I was faced with 3 back-to-back meetings which meant that it was 2:00 before I could do anything. I dealt with something that wasn't really my job, but has been a lingering issue for weeks and somehow I've ended up in the middle.

On a brighter note, I picked up 3 books from the library that I need for my novel. I picked up some adhesive (for putting up pictures) to begin working on my space (bad note: Mr. Geeky is in bed and using my computer as his personal movie watching machine). I've also whored myself to Amazon (joining Bitch Ph.D. and profgrrrrl). I am now listening to my iPod (currently One More Time by The Cure) in order to tune out the kids. I'm at the dining room table; they're in the adjoining living room playing video games. I'm about ready to have some apple pie (because I can) and I'm planning to spend the next hour reading blogs, then putting the kiddos to bed, then writing.