Saturday, February 26, 2005

Memories you don't remember

Jody at Raising WEG posts about "living in the moment" as parent. I commented there, but it also made me think about the memories my kids are starting to share with me. For example, Geeky Boy said he remembered when we first moved into this house. Just a few hours after the movers left us with a jumble of boxes and furniture, we needed to have dinner. Geeky Boy remembers that we laid out the purple blanket, brought home pizza and sat on the floor and ate. I have no real memory of this. I'm sure it's true, but it has left my mind to make room for other things. Who knows what was on my mind instead--probably the unpacking of boxes and arranging of furniture.

Last night, we all sat on the couch together and watched "America's Funniest Home Videos." For the longest time, we've had movie night on Friday night, but with Geeky Boy's basketball and various illnesses and travelling, we haven't done this much lately. We were missing Mr. Geeky, but still it was nice to all be together for once. So often, we all have other things on our minds--projects to work on, papers to write, the need to be alone and unwind. Soon, I imagine, Geeky Boy will be going out with friends and then on dates. Same for Geeky Girl. In some ways, I confess I'm looking forward to at least some nights alone with Mr. Geeky in our own house. But I know I will miss lying on the couch in the dark with just the flicker of the tv and the warmth and weight of small bodies.

Instead of regret or sadness, I simply hope it becomes a memory we can all share, one that won't slip out of our heads to make room for the nitty-gritty details of living.