Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kevin and Larry and Mommy doesn't matter

I'm not going to speak intelligently here and I'm not going to link to Kevin Drum, who I think brought this whole thing up because his traffic was getting low and he was going to slide down a level in the Ecosystem--not that he isn't really a slimey mollusk anyway--but I wish these people would just come out and say what's on their mind. They're not wondering why there are so few women in science or in the blogosphere, but they're wondering why they're there at all. Bitch, Ph.D. put it nicely in her metaphors about family values because that's what it's about. The women should be at home obsessing over their fucking color-coordinated party plates and leave the science and polticking to the men.

At least that's what I read between the lines. And if I weren't so tired from cooking dinner and doing laundry, I'd go hit them over their heads with a frying pan.