Monday, February 14, 2005

In the doldrums

If you've ever read the Phantom Toll Booth, you'll know what I mean. In the doldrums, no one can go anywhere. Everyone is just stuck. I sort of feel that way today. I had no real direction at work, nothing pressing and nothing interesting I wanted to work on. At home, the house continues to deteriorate, although we do have black socks now. I definitely have some sort of illness, not as bad as what the boys have, but I've been fighting it all week. Right now, I feel like I could pass out on my keyboard. I have lots of little things I need to do, but feel beaten down. I keep putting these little things off, hoping for a burst of energy. Not happening. The way out of this in the Phantom Toll Booth is that they start thinking about stuff and that gets them going. Right now, I don't even think I have the energy for that.