Saturday, February 12, 2005

Creating a space

I'm continuing to think about my space and have made some tangible efforts toward creating a better space to work in. The first step was getting AbiWord, which I'm liking, btw. Next, I'm working on the physical surroundings. I purchased some poster adhesive to put up pictures and posters. I like to change things around frequently, so I want to be able to do that easily. I went to IKEA today and bought a new chair and a lamp. I was going to get a desk, but couldn't decide. The desks that I liked were about 1/2 foot deeper than my current desk and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough space. When I got home, I measured and discovered there's plenty of space. So Mr. Geeky is going to got back with me tomorrow and help me decide. I looked online at some "real" desks from "real" furniture stores and they're all like $800. Can't do that. The stuff I'm looking at at IKEA is about $150.

Of course, considering my money post, I feel pretty guilty about spending the money on this, but I'm planning to get all the money stuff sorted out in the morning. That's what I do instead of going to church; I pay bills. Sad, but true. So tomorrow is bill-paying day and if it works out okay, I'll get the desk and be on my way to real authorship.