Saturday, February 19, 2005

Burned out mommy

I just posted this comment on Raising WEG. She has some really good posts on the Mommy Madness stuff with lots of good commentary.

I admit I'm burned out on the Warner thing too. It's a losing battle really because it's all generalizations. I'm just gonna be a mom the best way I know how and sometimes that means I'm gonna be lazy and blog when I could be doing housework. And maybe the kids won't be stimulated by my presence sometimes. I don't really care. I do wish it were cheaper and that they had some kind of prenatal counseling that warned you about all of this. Oh, and maybe some counseling for the dads. Cause mine's good, but some of em . . . they need some laundry lessons.

I was thinking about this whole thing some more because, you know, I gotta obsess about something, but realized I was tired of thinking about it. I like what I'm doing with my kids. It works for me and it seems to be working for them; they're happy, healthy, doing well in school, doing well socially. What more can I ask? Well, I'd like to get rid of the guilt, I guess. And that's what the article raised for me, the ugly guilt I feel when I run into other moms who seem to be doing more. I also realized that I wrote about this a couple of times before. Even one of my earliest, maybe first?, posts has a little point about how I don't fit in with the other moms. Obviously, it's a sore point with me.

I'm tired of feeling guilty for wanting to have something for myself and have kids--and that's what makes parenting and working hard. I'm doing it--all of it--and sometimes it stresses me out, because something always falls through the cracks. I'm okay with that. I'm just waiting until everyone else is.