Thursday, February 03, 2005

At least some people didn't ignore the state of the union

Yeah, I ignored it. I watched my Tivo'd Amazing Race. Thankfully Bitch Ph.D. didn't ignore it, and what she says sums up my reasons for not watching it. I feel completely powerless. And not just because the dems lost the election and now we have Bush again (that should be enough, but there's more). I feel like a lot of dems are rolling over, moving right, whatever you want to call it. I write my senators and my congressman (repubs all), but it's doing no good. Gonzales has been confirmed, headed next perhaps for the Supreme Court. Social Security is going away. Corporations are getting away with god knows what. Health care? Who knows. It's being run over with a steam roller.

I think I'm gonna go watch Spongebob now. At least until the cable gets cut off.