Saturday, January 08, 2005

Writing day, part I

I decided to start out at home, so I could stay in my jammies. I drank some coffee, ate breakfast and read blogs for about 45 minutes. Then I fired up the laptop at the dining room table and set to writing for about 1.5 hours. I broke for a shower and came back to write for another hour. I've just finished lunch and the plan is to head over to Starbucks with the laptop for dessert and a latte and write for another couple of hours.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I've only written about 9 pages (single-spaced). 78 pages to go and really, I wanted to go beyond that and get into some new stuff. Optimistic, I know, but still. I think this means I'll be doing some writing later tonight--after a longer break--and some more tomorrow. I definitely like these bigger chunks rather than doing an hour here and there, so I think I might revise my resolution and reserve all my writing for the weekends unless there's something specific I feel like working on.

I am also hoping to get in a workout today. I'd prefer to walk, but it's raining again. I'm planning to stop by the new exercise center by my house on the way home from Starbucks so it may be that I'll do a workout there. That would be dandy. Later, I'm hoping to go out and buy some new shoes for myself. I really need them. I'm hoping the family will come along. They probably need stuff too.

I'll check in for writing day, part II later.