Friday, January 07, 2005

Tipsy should be a mood

I'm not completely drunk, which is what my mood implies. I'm simply tipsy. And that's a good thing. Drunk implies falling down drunk which I'm not. I'm typing and not having to backspace that much. Drunk will happen next weekend at a friend's 40th birthday party. It will be a drunk where I cannot view the computer screen. It happens once in a while, still.

Good to be out with the colleagues where we discuss everything from the Israeli-Palesitian conflict to what exactly should be taught in a history survey course to security on the internet. And there are trivial (but substantial to us) topics like new sheets and the importance of the properly-sized pockets in purses. You just don't know the importance of such things--really.

Tomorrow is a writing day. I have the laptop ready. I'm planning to sleep until I wake up, shower and head to Starbucks, toting stacks of earlier versions. We'll see how it goes. And of course, there will be exercising. I hope also to have a good political post over the weekend. I'm thinking about some things, not right this second, but they're there somewhere.