Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thursday random thoughts

I am drowning in laundry. There's just too much of it. And I don't really like doing it.

Exercise is really hard to fit in. I went for 5 days without exercising, then finally exercised last night only to realize that I probably won't today. I'm going to be somewhere else until 8. I could exercise when I get home . . . we'll see. The cold weather is not helping my motivation.

I want to have another writing day(s) this weekend. It's supposed to snow so this will probably have to take place in my own home.

I have a lot on my plate both at home and at work. I'm not panicked yet and I keep reminding myself of how much I've accomplished. Work is annoying right now because it's the time of year when I have lots of interruptions. I want to write up some papers and work on two, yes two, presentations I've been asked to give. I need a quiet stretch of time.

I helped some faculty get a grant, but it's likely I won't get paid--because I'm staff, not faculty. The two faculty are trying to advocate for me.

I lost a bet with Mr. Geeky and so I'm on kid duty every night this week. It's cramping my style. :)

I can't wait for the weekend.