Monday, January 17, 2005

Some resources from the conference

I'm going to be lame, but since I promised resources, I'm going to point interested parties to my other blog. Please don't make fun of the design. We're working on it. We're customizing a rather ancient, open-source blog software. It's coming along, but with the start of classes, we haven't had much time to work on it. We had to meet a lot of requirements and there just isn't a perfect software out there--as we quickly learned. My link will also expose me to the world, but of course, that's not why I'm anonymous here; it's the google factor. I'll have another post about some more interesting information tomorrow, especially for those of you who create online components (in Blackboard or WebCt, etc).

I have spent my evening hours working on what looks like 3 years' worth of laundry and catching up on the blog reading--boy you people write a lot. I had to do some skimming, but it was good to catch up.

Some things I noted and may or may not write about myself:

-The whole Lawrence Summers fiasco
-Michelle is anxious about her teaching
-lots of people are writing or revising articles and book chapters
-the poetry meme--which looks really fun

Funny how the mind works--sorry for the lack of linking--too tired--must sleep.