Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Random thoughts from the train

So here I am on my way to Baltimore. I tried to find a wireless connection and there are about 10 in range, but who knows what or who they are. I know there's wireless at the conference so I'll have to wait until then to connect. I forgot all my books, so I purchased Wired and MobilePC to entertain myself on the trip. The bad thing about traveling alone is I now have to go to the bathroom and I'd have to haul all my stuff with me just to do so, so I'm going to wait. Why I didn't go when I was sitting around 30th street I just don't know.

It's really foggy outside, so I can't see anything of the landscape, though I have to say most of it looks like something out of a bad movie. Lots of factorys, refineries, water treatment plants interspersed with some clumps of leafless trees shrouded in fog. There's also a river on one side--not sure which one--probably the Delaware.

I really wish I could get online, mostly because I'd like to read the news, catch up on some things. I've kind of ignored the news lately. Mr. Geeky and I quit watching network news. It just frustrated us because we always sensed the stories were skewed. I read bits and pieces online, mostly following stories I'm particularly interested in. I've been following Social Security reform, for example. I need to write my senators.

I got invited to a local democratic party get-together this weekend. Unfortunately, I'm going to be in Virginia. I'm so bummed. We'll be planning for the 2006 senatorial race. Rick Santorum is up for re-election and of course, we want to get him out. I've written him 5 or 6 letters since the election. I also have Arlen Specter to contend with it. I don't know how a blue state can end up with such red Senators. I also have a Republican congressman, Curt Weldon. My state representatives are all democrats, partly because the people who tend to run against them are sooo right wing, even the conservatives don't vote for them. Most of the republicans in my immediate area are interested in policies that protect their wealth; they tend to be liberal on social issues. It's an odd mix of politics. I really feel like I should be even more involved in local politics, but I'm not sure where I'd find the time. I have so many other things going on, by choice mostly, that I don't have much room left. And I haven't been in the area long, so I feel a little like an outsider. I'm sure there will be more gatherings and I'll try to attend those and see where that takes me.

The conference I'm attending is a regional conference on education and technology. I'm not thrilled by the paper titles so far, but maybe there will be good schmoozing. I'll report back.