Thursday, January 13, 2005

Quick check in

A pretty good day all told. I spent the last part of the day talking about virtual communities--creating them and sustaining them. It was a discussion session and I tried to make an argument that you can't really force virtual communities, that the best ones simply emerge. I used the blog community--loose though it may be--as an example. These form much the way friendships form. You meet someone and eventually meet their friends and they meet yours--much the same way linking/blogrolling happens. I've also been part of communities that have stricter boundaries; they take place in a particular virtual space, sometimes around a particular topic or interest. I was involved in an IRC like that. Anyway, I know there are people writing books on the topic, but it's funny how invested in the topic I feel I am simply because I'm an active participant in several virtual communities. It was nice to be face-to-face with some like-minded folks.