Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday Random thoughts

There is lots of snow. I like snow, but not when it's 3 degrees outside and when I have to be at work. The kids have a delayed start this morning.

I realized that the whole men and women are different and the work/family balance issues are very emotional for me--in an angry way, not a sad way. I am in a good spot right now and am also contributing to educating women in the technology field and hopefully sharing my experiences in a way that will encourage them to fight for better balance. But still, it makes me angry. I want to continue to explore this in a more objective way.

I have a big, big week ahead. Search committee duties, dealing with students, getting the lab up and running, working on a couple of presentations and who knows what else will come my way. I think that's the biggest difference between my job and that of a professor. Very few random tasks fall into a professor's lap; my day is made up of them.

Go Eagles!