Sunday, January 30, 2005

Living like white trash

For the last week, I have not really left the house--except for work. We are totally out of food, except for hot dogs. My solution? Go to 7-11 and get buns, chips and soft drinks. We also have milk and cereal. It has been freezing and the snow is still around and I'm just tired of it all. We've also been scrimping a bit on the money--waiting for my reimbursement for my conference. I can't seem to muster the strength to make a a full-blown trip to the grocery store. Basically, I've done nothing but watch tv and blog all weekend--in between loads of laundry. I feel like a slug.

I had a particularly rough week at work and I think that's my main reason for feeling sluggish. Usually I do something on the weekend-write or read. There's still time I suppose, but now I'm thinking--who cares. Too bad there's no football. Then I could gorge myself on beer and junk food. That would really round things out.