Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A little levity at my expense

Ok--so things have been pretty serious around here lately--which is fine with me, but I thought I might need to mix it up, lighten the mood a bit before launching back into some serious stuff. So tonight, my body accommodated such a desire for humor. Tonight, as I was coming down the stairs from the kids room, my shoes (and feet) came out completely from under me and I fell on my butt and slid about 4 stairs (there are only 4 stairs, btw). Now it hurt like hell--and still does--since said stairs are wooden. But thinking about myself flailing about, completely out of control kind of makes me giggle. I mean, I totally had no control. And, like the great plasma screen incident, make me think of Richard Simmons. Which made me giggle.

So here I am, with a hell of a sore butt, completely determined to blog despite the pain. Oh, and I should say, that I now have complete faith that Mr. Geeky can care for me in my old age. The man picked me up off the floor and put me in bed and then took off my shoes. I think he thought the shoes were the main culprit here and should not be allowed anywhere near me.