Monday, December 06, 2004

Vacation land for me

Hooray! I'm only going to be working 3 days between now and January 3rd. This may not seem that exciting to those of you in academia who will enjoy an entire month off, but I'm a 9-5er and I'm excited. I went to my boss (who's really great, btw) and said I have a problem, I have 9 days of vacation left (even after rolling over 5 and counting some time I had alread planned to take off). She got out her calender, corrected my math (I only had 6 days left it turned out) and said "well, there's parties next tues and thurs so you'll want to be here for those. This Wed. you're running a meeting, so I guess you're taking the rest of the days off." And so you have it. Free time out the wazoo. I can finally do some decluttering, baking, writing, and other fun stuff.

We ended up getting our tree tonight and as we rearranged the living room to accomodate it, Mr. GM decided it was time to replace the tv cabinet. So he went to IKEA. He said I needed some things to do tomorrow on my day off. So nice of him.

We still haven't decided exactly what to do about the presents, though we divided our tasks up. Mr. GM is going to think about what's best for his family and I'm going to think about mine. He likes the donation idea, but has the same dilemmas I mentioned in my earlier post. Everyone I mention this to says that it's such a nice idea, but. So I'm pondering it more and will decide something in the next few days.

In the meantime, there is a xmas letter to write. I really am not fond of these, but people have actually asked for them because we don't see the family very often. So I'm sending one with a nice picture of the kids in front of the xmas tree. Last year everyone made fun of my sil's letter. It was sooo over the top. We try to keep ours short and to the point and not braggy. Hers was 3 pages long, gushed about the most banal things--like a cupola they built themselves. She was on the verge of giving birth, so I write some of it off to hormones, but she comes by some of it naturally. So I'll try not to go there.

After I put the IKEA furniture together, I might have a chance to blog tomorrow. :)