Monday, December 13, 2004

A rare post about the kids

I don't really blog much about my kids, mainly because I don't define myself by them. It's actually odd that I have "mom" in my blog title because I usually don't define myself that way. When people find out I have kids, they are sometimes surprised. Apparently, I don't look very mom-like. I think I do, but I'm not good at being objective about my looks. I blog about parenting as a rather abstract concept when it's a very tangible and real part of my life, but I'm interested in parenting as a social construct more so than my own methods of parenting.

But my kids do amazing things and say amazing things and I'm often quite proud of them.

Geeky Boy has a blog. I'm a bit concerned about this since he's only 9 and I worry about weirdos on the internet. It's a slim possibility I know, but still. Anyway, for now, I have the username and password and his blog isn't listed anywhere. I was reading it tonight. There are only four posts, but it's amazing how he's picked up the genre. He has clever titles, my favorite being "the day after yesterday = today was the busiest day of my life". He has a sense of audience, like someone might actually read his blog. He must have been in a writing mood today because he also created a newspaper for his class which was also really cute.

Geeky Girl, on the other hand, threw up on the bus today and I had to retrieve her from the nurse's office. There she was, happy as a clam, with a large blue bowl in her lap (just in case). She came home and sat on the couch, watched "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" for the millionth time and ate voraciously. I write the whole thing off to motion sickness. This is the second time she's thrown up on the bus and she used to throw up in the car on the way to preschool occasionally. But Geeky Girl does cool things too, just not today.