Monday, December 20, 2004

Random Monday thoughts

1. Must do some housewifery today: clean up my own desk, clean Geeky Girl's room (really organize it), get laundry under control.
2. It's really cold--10 degrees. Miraculously our bathroom pipes didn't freeze. We're trying to figure out what the root of the problem is.
3. I should also do some writing today. Which project to tackle? Forge ahead with the one I'm stuck on or work on the one I'm more interested in or a little of both.
4. Feeling inclined to do some baking, but I don't think this will fit into the schedule.
5. Things I've asked for for Christmas: usb hub, shelving, hard drive, warm workout clothes.
6. Things I will probably get for Christmas: clothes I don't like, a kitchen gadget I don't want or need, money (the only good thing).
7. Need to send out the remaining Christmas cards.
8. David Pogue (NYT technology guru) recommended either a Kodak camera or the Canon model above the one I got--am I cool or what?
9. Must charge the iPod and import some more of the CD collection (horrible though it is--ok, maybe eccentric).
10. Should probably pay the bills, check the finances. I hate doing this. Can't we just go the Star Trek route and live without money? Sigh.

An even 10. It's more of a to-do list I guess. Oh well.