Monday, December 13, 2004

Random Monday morning thoughts

Well, I think I'm in Christmas card purgatory now. I'm not up on my Dante or I'd put myself into some more interesting level. I finished the letter ones, have them addressed, mostly stamped and ready to mail. I have a few others to send to immediate family that will include the kids' school pictures and some other snapshots.

I stayed up way too late last night making photo books on Shutterfly for my parents. I did the softcover variety, but it only cost me 10 bucks so I think I should have gone for the hardcover. Maybe for father's day or mother's day.

Purchasing of other Christmas presents still needs to be done, and will be by this afternoon. Mr. GM gets home in about an hour from his trip to his folks and he'll probably begin working on his project for his family's presents. He's converting a bunch of old home movies (the 8 mm variety I believe) into DVD's. I'm helping with the editing part. In order to do this, we have to buy our Christmas present early--a digital video camera. The problem with being early adopters is that when you buy something and then the next great thing comes along, you can't afford it. We've had an analog video camera forever and have converted a good portion of the footage to digital format, but we haven't invested in the newer technology yet. I can't wait! I'm thinking of getting Mr. GM a digital camera as well since, once again, we got one of the first digital cameras and it is sooo outdated now.

I'm glad to not be working today, but I swear I've been busier on my days off than when I'm at work. I haven't done any writing. I'm even a little behind on my blog reading--heaven forfend! But the Christmas madness is almost over and I think I'll be able to resume a somewhat normal life soon.

Oh, and did I mention? There are 7 boxes from the inlaws, not just 5. I'm horrified. I talked to my mother-in-law and joked--sort of--that I was taking it all to Salvation Army. I am going to go through the kids' stuff and donate some of it--really! I mean, there are duplicates of things, so it doesn't make sense for us to keep it. But ugh, it really is a burden. I should just send it back and make her deal with it. Bah humbug!