Monday, December 27, 2004

On vacation, but still working

Kind of. At least I'm doing things that I might do if I were at work. For Christmas, Mr. Geeky got me iLife '04. I have it at work, so I wasn't necessarily all gung ho to use it, but I thought now might be the time to organize the over 1500 pictures I have. The new iPhoto automatically creates a separate import folder for each year, so I thought I'd make a slide show for each year and put all of that on a DVD. It would be a good gift for next Christmas. :) I'm a trial-and-error kind of person so I decided to start by importing the individual pictures into iMovie to create a better slide show than I could by simply exporting from iPhoto. Well, it was very time consuming. I applied the Ken Burns effect to all of them (the same settings) and I had to put a transition between each one. Then I had to wait for all of that to render. Took a couple of hours to do all of that. So I tried a simple export from iPhoto and stitched that together with some music using Quicktime. It flashed between photos--very annoying. So then I used iDVD's slideshow feature. I liked that option the best, but you can only have 99 slides per show. I found out by downloading a patch that you can make a playlist to use as the background music. I'm betting you can do that in iPhoto too, so I'm going to try that today. Ideally, I'd like a whole year as a single show. Right now, I have two years done and they're each in three sections.

My next big task is to go back further and scan in pictures from before 2001. It'd be great to have a batch scanner for that. Maybe I can buy one for work, so I can use it. :)

I had a totally geeky Christmas. I got a usb hub with card reader, 250 gig hard drive, iLife, and workout clothes. Of course, we also got ourselves a digital video camera and I got Mr. Geeky a digital camera of his very own.

Yesterday, instead of getting back to routine, we were all slugs, but it was fun. We played video games, watched movies and played with Polly Pocket. We ate leftover ham and Christmas cookies. Today we might actually leave the house. I have some brown sweaters to return. I'm thinking of getting new sneakers. :)