Friday, December 17, 2004

On my own

So I'm on my own this weekend without Mr. Geeky or Geeky Girl, but Geeky boy will be here. Mr. Geeky and Geeky Girl are headed to Virginia to hang out with some friends of ours--actually my ex-boyfriend from high school, his wife and their kids. Geeky Boy and I are feeling a little under the weather and, quite frankly, a little anti-social. This shing-dig is an outdoor party and neither of us felt up to standing out in the freezing cold (there is a bonfire, but still). I just get this way sometimes. I want to be alone. I've had a lot of holiday parties this week, the most recent being the college-wide party last night. I can't take much more socializing. I want to hang out and watch bad tv. I finished Christmas shopping. I just have a few more cards to send and then I'm completely done.

I also have no car this weekend, but luckily, we live a block and a half away from the main town center. Food, drink, and supplies are just a brisk walk away. I have some reading to do and perhaps some writing. And I really want to tidy up my desk. So it's going to relaxing, finally, with no work until Jan 3.