Thursday, December 16, 2004

List of done things

A la Dr. B, here's a list (keep in mind, I was *not* working). A more interesting post will come later.

1. Old navy--new coat and hat for geeky girl who's going to an outdoor party this weekend.
2. Kohl's--mittens for Geeky Girl, pjs and bathrobes for both kids (xmas eve present)
3. Borders--books and calendars for both kids
4. Home for lunch and wrapping the above
5. Jiffy Lube for the works (about an hour here)
6. Best buy for Mr. Geeky (will post details about this later)
7. Target for some random forgotten stuff.
8. Home to wrap. 20 minutes later, had to pick up kids and Mr. Geeky.

For someone who was avoiding consumerism, I'm sure consuming a lot. Shew!