Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Greater Good

So I finished up my shopping at Greatergood.com. Really a worthwhile experience and if you feel a little down about Christmas, this will make you feel better. Really. They have really neat stuff, a lot of it fair trade and handmade. You can also simply donate to one cause or another. I purchased things for my father and stepmom through the breast cancer site. My purchase contribute 5% to a mammogram and a certain percentage also went to breast cancer research. For my mom, I shopped at The Hunger Site and at the Animal Rescue Site where my purchase contributed a fair amount of food for both humans and animals. Also, a percentage went to The Nature Conservancy. I came really close to buying 25 trees in my mom's name to help preserve the monarch butterfly's habitat. I'm definitely doing this again--for birthdays and other occasions too. The big downside is that there's no gift wrapping and I didn't order in time to have the stuff sent to me for wrapping. It took me so long just to decide what I was going to do. Next year, I'll be better prepared. Oh, and the shipping was only 2.95.