Saturday, December 04, 2004

Firefox--some geekiness

I finally got around to downloading and installing firefox. I love it! I'm a mac person, so I've been using Safari for a while and there are things I like about Safari that Firefox still can't do. For instance, I sync my bookmarks between my home computer and work which I like very much. However, since I've started using Furl, that somewhat makes up for it. My favorite thing about firefox is the RSS bookmarking ability. Whenever you're on a page that has an rss feed, a little orange box shows up at the bottom. Then you can click on it and add it to your bookmarks. What I've been doing is setting up folders for the things I want to save rss feeds for, so there's blogs and newsfeeds, for example. The coolest thing is I've been putting my bookmarks in the sidebar, so I can very easily see headlines. I never have to leave my browser again. :)

There are all kinds of plugins and themes for firefox. I haven't tried too many of them, but they look interesting. So I'm all geeked out this morning and actually looking forward to bookmarking more things. What a cool world we live in! (Does Bush even know what an rss feed is?)