Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day After

And so begins the road back to normal. The living room must be shovelled out, the decorations must come down, gifts returned, rooms cleaned, new calendars hung up. I actually like post-Christmas better than Christmas sometimes. After all the excesses of yesterday, it's nice to start getting back to moderation. Here's just some of the excesses:

1. At least 10 laser tag games--some inside, some outside.
2. Holiday Inn.
3. 2 bad action movies (Mr. Geeky).
4. 2 games of civilization.
5. 1 round of I Spy word scramble.
6. Leftover ham sandwiches, chex mix and cheesecake.
7. Many, many cookies.
8. A long bath.
9. Several games of Lord of the Rings on PS2.
10. Sly Cooper 2.
11. Blogging.

A good day, all told.