Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day

A longer, more thoughtful post will come after I return. I have little to no privacy here, so I have to sneak about. I have realized that 24 hours is about all I can take for numerous reasons to be explained later. Unfortunately, when you travel this far, you can't really just stay for 24 hours. :) Mr. GM has been good and patient. Even though I have visited his family much more often than he's visited mine, this is by far a worse experience for him. I will try to push aside the negativity for a moment and say what I'm thankful for:

-that I have a family, strange though it may be
-for Mr. GM, who loves me anyway
-for my children, who don't have issues yet
-for my health
-that I'm happy with my life
-for the internet--seriously

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy and be thankful!